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About Us

At 3C, we re-create chemistry for the industry with care to the nature by providing quality solutions. We are a renowned specialty chemicals company primarily catering to Leather, Textiles and Paper industries. Customers prefer 3C for its enviable portfolio of high-performance products accompanied by in-depth industry specific expert solutions.

Our competitive advantage lies in building long-term customer value through high performance products and best in class service. We are passionate in providing solution to industry demands and to make our customer more successful and profitable. We constantly work on products and processes to ensure sustainable solution

We keep nature at heart while designing our products thereby creating a better future for everyone. We are highly focused on customer’s success and “see customer as King”. WE RE-CREATE CHEMISTRY

Our Vision, Mission and Values


By 2025, To become the market leader in Industrial Chemicals business in Indian market.


Provide customer with high quality proven products and customized solutions truly matching their inner needs.

3C Commitments

→ Positive and passionate in everything we do
→ Offer products and services we are proud to stand behind
→ Honesty & Harmony in what we say, do and think.
→ Commitment to growth & prosperity to enhance our customers success.
→ Culture of excellence as the bedrock of our company’s strategy.

CEO Message

“A self motivated, goal oriented and strategically focused entrepreneur with broad Industry knowledge gained through 22 years of diverse experience in managing leading MNC performance chemical businesses have envisaged Color Chem Corporation (3C) A vibrant team of energetic, passionate and talented professionals with deep customer insights providing an opportunity to apply and enhance your current skills acquire new technology and positively contribute to the Industry.”
A.Suresh Kumar M.Tech., M.B.A., MDP(IIMA)., FIE,.
Managing Director